Author Suzanne Boisvert

About Suzanne

Suzanne grew up in Richardson Texas with her sister and two brothers. She learned from her parents that everyone can make their dreams become reality, and that life is a combination of luck and skill. She began to dream big at a young age and feels extremely lucky in this life being the mom of four incredible children.

Immediately after graduating from high school, Suzanne was discovered and left for Paris to pursue her modeling career. She traveled around the world living in Tokyo and Milan, and then ultimately moving to London with her former husband.  

After eleven years in England, Suzanne moved to Santa Barbara where she lives with her husband, Phil, her best friend and inspiration.

Through the years, Suzanne created Boisvert Lingerie, Avia Spa, and became a DJ. The story that has haunted her since she was a young girl has found its way out and into her first novel which is the first of a trilogy. The amazing support from her family helped her realize her dream.

When Suzanne isn't writing, she's enjoying time with her family, their three dogs and traveling. She's also an avid soccer player and feels very lucky to play on a co-ed team with her husband, and on her awesome women's team, The Cosmos.

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